Thursday, June 4, 2009

Knitting and the Library

Have you ever found a pattern somewhere online, only to realize that you would have to buy an entire book to access a single pattern? (Sorry KnitPicks, you are very much at fault here!) In the days of the internet, it is easy to forget a great resource... the local library! When I was a kid, I was a frequent visitor to the local public library. Why should that change now that I'm an adult? Searching through the catalog of the Cambridge Public Library, I was able to locate every single knitting book I have been interested in flipping though.

New Plan: Go to the local branch, get a library card, start reserving knitting books online!

Update! Getting the library card was fast and easy. I've already filled up my queue with 18 different yarn-craft related books. I cannot wait!


  1. The coolest thing is the Minuteman Network, if it isn't in your local branch they can request it and get it for you within days. I have done this quite a few times to view the book, patterns, etc. If it has a lot of projects I like, then I try to buy it used.

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