Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dyeing to Knit by Elaine Eskesen

Dyeing to Knit by Elaine Eskesen

This book is about creating, and then using, your own hand-dyed yarns. There are chapters on color theory, the dyeing procedure (many different techniques are outlined here), patterns, but most interestingly, the design phase.

I love that the book shows many examples of how to play with your hand dyed yarns to get effects other than just striping. Eskesen plays with mixing solids and multi-colored yarns,

The patterns are not the most modern looking sweaters, hats, scarves and vests, but some of the kid's sweaters have been created in vibrant colors with cute pattens making them a fun project, whether you dyed the yarn yourself or not!

There is a cute scarf showing how space dyed yarn (three colors that are dipped separately and dyed in the same batch of water) can create a pretty zig-zag effect with a textured-slip pattern. This is probably my favorite pattern in the book with the purpose of showcasing a hand-dyed yarn. I've been knitting in the round so much myself, that I haven't really thought about what knitting back and forth with a varigated yarn would create.

This book was a great read! Enjoy!

I am knitting for the 3rd annual Pine Street Inn Knit-a-Thon on November 8, 2009. Please show your support with a donation.


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