Monday, October 5, 2009


As part of the Christmas Stocking design project, I started looking for penguin related knitting charts. Unfortunately, most of the penguin related patterns on the web cost money, and there were not really any real charts. I couldn't resist showing the cute patterns I was able to find here:
  • Penguin Pal Hat - This won't work for a stocking... but it is sooo cute, making the top of a child's head look like a penguin head.
  • Penguin Dishcloth - looks like it could fit as a duck to me... maybe if it were in multiple colors rather than just texture?
  • Linux Illusion Penguin - for chart, for the English version
  • Pasha the Penguin - Very realistic looking stuffed buddy
  • Linux-like Penguin - super cute!
  • Penguin Jumpers - no, these don't have penguins ON them, they're FOR penguins in need of rescue after a disaster such as an oil spill.
  • Amigurumi Penguin (Crochet) - Again I wish I could crochet...
  • Penguin beadwork pattern - So the chart is not square, but maybe it could be adatpted into a knitting pattern..
  • A Penguin Chart - With some french... I think this was suposed to be a cross stich pattern, but HURRAH for a penguin chart!
  • Penguin sweater - You have to purchase the penguin pattern, but they zoom in on the penguins so you can see them well enough to use the image as a chart! (Thank you google images!)
  • Peeps Penguin pattern - Don't eat this one!
  • Stacey's Perfect Penguin - Even if I cannot find a cute enough chart for a stocking, I'm beginning to feel a theme for the ornaments I will knit for the tree!
  • Playful Dinky Penguins - Sometimes this website is down, but for now you can go and collect this pattern for tiny knit penguins (including an abominable snowpenguin)! I will be knitting these!
  • New! Feb 2010 - Chill Out Bib (complete with penguin)

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