Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Library Adventures - Colorwork

Today's library adventure books are not super related to one another, except for the fact that they both involved color in some capacity.

The Yarn Stash Workbook: Great Ideas And Dozens of Projects by Laura Militzer Braynt

This book starts out with a short introduction to color, different types of yarns how the same pattern can look different with different yarns. The ~22 patterns, although beautiful, are either slightly dated or would be more appealing to an older audience than a 25 yr old (I cannot decide which).

Since the projects are stash busters, it would be difficult to create two identical pieces. The patterns include scarves (~3), Toppers (~3), Accessories (4), Home decor (4), and wearables (8). The most interesting pattern is the Tailored "Everything" Jacket. It is not really my style, but so many textures and colors are mixed in without looking too stripy, and the overall effect is stunning.

The book is worth a read to get ideas for how to mix different yarns together without making it look like you are just trying to bust your stash. Worth a read, yes. Would I purchase it? Not for myself, although my mom would like some of the items a lot!

Mosaic Knitting by Barbara G. Walker

I love mosaics, and it wasn't until I picked up this book that I realized the term could apply to knitting as well. I have enjoyed doing color work, but I have, until this point, stuck to a Fair Isle method.

The designs in this book are varied, unique and beautiful. There are HUNDREDS of different patterns. It is not hard to imagine them becoming socks, mittens or even blankets.

This is a FANTASTIC reference. If I every do decide to make my own mosaic afghan (why do I always crave to make another afghan? I never finish them in a reasonable amount of time!) I will need to pick up a copy of this book for myself.