Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Search for Golf Club Covers/Cozies Knitting Patterns

I am not a golfer, with the exception of the occasional miniature game. However, in thinking about summer projects, and projects that would work nicely for the people on my gift list, I thought about looking an area in this sport that would welcome a knitter's project.

I therefore bring you my search for knit golf cozies, golf club toppers, golf club covers or whatever you would like to call them. Protect your clubs, and have a bit of fun!
  • Fuzzy Long Covers - These have fuzzy tops with novelty yarn, and a long neck to cover more than just the head of the golf club
  • Golf Club Covers - These are classic looking, the color and pattern make them appear like a men's dress sock.
  • Diamante - A fancy, ruffled color with two color polka dotted head.
  • Argyle Cover - complete with pompom head
  • Black Cable golf club cover - There pictures are not directly on the pattern link page, but they are linked to at the top. As described, these are black, cabled but there are also shown with number charts.
  • Classic Ribbed - Linked to a golf club cover in a classic looking pattern from a magazine. With number charts
  • Golf like an Egyptian - These have a Zigzag pattern up and down the head, with a pompom on top
  • Fairway Fair Isle - These have a long neck, with a small region (think coffee cozy size) of fair isle at the head. Tangy!
  • Flower Garden - These also have pictures linked to. Different colored bobbles with a green neck give you a cute little flower garden. With numbers.
  • Grapefruit - Ribbed neck, polka-dot head. Cute and elegant. My favorite so far.
  • Girly Swirly - This one reminds me of a wine cozy without a bottom. It appears to be knit as a tube with the top drawn together with a draw string. There is a cute swirled rib pattern
  • Lion Brand Trio (Note, does require you to set up a free account). Cabled, argyle or ribbed. They are topped with tassels or pompoms. Have a classic look and feel to them. The link is to the cabled version, but they are all shown pictured together.
  • Yesteryear Covers - This is another old school pattern shown on the page. Long necks, stripes on the heads and tassels. Easily adaptable to highlight your favorite school.
  • Holey Hexagons - polka dot (hexadot) head with pompom. Ribbed neck.
  • Spiral rib golf covers - These also look to have different number of bobbles or something on the top of the head so you don't need a number to tell which club is which.
  • Two tone - There is a cable or bobble type element that is a contrasting cover. photos are linked. With numbers to identify the clubs.
  • Window Pane - The color work on the heads looks like a window (good title!) Very elegant. photos are linked. With numbers
  • Ribbed - no photo
  • Cover - Straight, not ribbed. With stripes near the head, but there doesn't appear to much differentiation between neck and head.
  • Driver Cozy - Very nicely fitted to the driver head, designed with the golf club shape in mind. Ribbed neck. Since I will not have any golf clubs to test this on, this could be the way to go, or if my gauge is off, could be a disaster.
  • Leona's Pirate Lover Cover - You will have to scroll down to find the pattern under March 25, 2007. This is a skull and crossbones inspired golf cozy with a pompom on top.