Saturday, April 17, 2010

Single Skein Projects

These books are due back at the library tomorrow (Yikes!), so my comments will be short.

One Ball Knits Accessories: 20 Stylish Designs Made with a Single Ball, Skein, Hank, or Spool by Fatema, Khadija and Hajera Habibur-Rahman

The intro drawings to teach knitting techniques are among the best I've seen.

Patterns include: Panja (Hand Jewelery), Necklace and Earings, Multiple Belts, Flower pins, Scarves, fingerless gloves, shawls, and socks.

Overall, I wasn't overly inspired. The patterns are pretty, but not the most unique. The one pattern that stands out is the Turkish Wrap, which you could imagine being sold in a high end store. It is absolutely stunning, and at an easy skill level!

I wouldn't buy it... but I may have to try it!

One Skein: 30 Quick Projects to Knit or Crochet by Leigh Radford.

The patterns have a luxury to them. They include legwarmers, A very wearable tank top, Various items to keep feet arms necks and hands warm, some darling bags and clutches, baby items, pillows, Spa set, a bathmat (crochet... BOO), and felted BOWLS. I want felted bowls in my apartment!

The last chapter is titled "Rediscover your stash" and it has great ideas for how to use up your remnant yarns. Adorable cupcakes, and then some other striped sweaters and bags.

I hate the tease of some crochet patterns in a mostly knitting book... they tempted me more than the knitting patterns!