Sunday, April 11, 2010

WIP - Rowan Colorscape Pillow

So almost a year ago, I started making a pillow with Rowan Colorscape. Recently, I knit up some Coal Bulky WoTA to help finish this project. Thus far, with each yarn, I cast on 54 sts on size 10 needles and worked in stockinette until I ran out of yarn.

The Felting Process
  • I did some hand felting with the rowan fabric after I knit that piece. That was when I realized that it would not be quite enough fabric for what I wanted to accomplish,so I decided I would create a mosaic like pattern with other felted fabric. The hand felting on a piece this large was slow, so I decided to use a machine.
  • This was my first machine washing experience. Well, this is also my first time cutting something that I've felted, so I wanted to make sure it was TIGHT. I do not want to see those stitches! Normally I felt by hand, which destroys the skin and takes forever. I was happy while at Keith's parents to take advantage of the top-loading washing machine where I could double check that the water was H O T hot!
  • Felting in the washing machine = beautiful! it came out so even, and my hands are still soft.
Post felting dimensions
  • Rowan: ~10.5x16"
  • Coal: ~11" x 11.5"
The problem
Stuffing with polyfill is not the best option for a large project. I wanted to use a pillow I already owned in the center of this felted case. Unfortunately, after felting these two pieces, I still do not have enough fabric to create my pillow! It is very close, but I will need to make one more square with WoTA. After I have that, I should be able to begin my creation!