Sunday, May 30, 2010

Search for Car Related Knitting Patterns

Living in a city, it would be very difficult to have a car. Even if I could park on the street outside of my apartment, snow emergencies would be crazy! I miss the freedom that owning a car would provide. (The only car I ever "owned" was my great-grandfather's '87 dodge, but I never had the title.)

I got to thinking... what kinds of car related knitting patterns are out there? I predict that I will find at least two categories of patterns, toys and functional items for a car.

Toy Car Knitting Patterns
  • School Bus - There are pockets under the windows so you can put little knit people on the bus! This is so cleaver and cute, it would make such a great toy for a young child.
Car Related Clothing Knitting Patterns
  • Jacket with Cars and Borders - This child sized jacket (cardigan) has little car and trucks running around the body. This is very subtle, you have to look closely at the pattern to see the cars and trucks. Colorful and fun. Would work well for dressing up your kid.
  • Cardigan with Cars - From the same studio as the previous pattern, this cardigan has larger cars that are immediately visible to the eye.
  • Jacob's Car Hat - This has the road running around the crown, and a flap on top you can put a traffic light on. You could use little car pins to drive on this road.
  • Trucks Sweater - This child's sweater has one large truck near the bottom front of the sweater. Adorable!
  • Trucking Along Bib - Seed stitch border, stockinette center, the trucks are made as a simple outline with purled stitches. This would make a good project for a beginning knitter.
  • School Bus Scarf -This is an elongated yellow school bus with cutout windows.
  • Keep Trucking Baby Cardigan - The three color truck is on the back of the sweater.
Car Related Home Items Knitting Patterns
  • Car Tea Cozy - I would call this red car a sedan, complete with registration plate!
  • Police Car Tea Cozy - This was made from the same designer as above (although they are published on different sites.) Blue lights on top. Maybe you could modify one of these two patterns to be a taxi cab.
Car Related Knitting Charts (These are sometimes shown as washcloths, but the chart of the car itself could be incorporated into other projects, or colors could be added. "Single Color" indicates that the chart could be knit on a washcloth with just knits and purls. )
  • Taxi - The chart even says "Taxi" in the middle. Single color, so could be done with K/P.
  • Truck - Single color, you could add a tiny logo or something to the side.
  • Garbage Truck - This is like the above truck chart, except it is large and there is a compartment that gives it the silhouette of a garbage truck. Single color.
  • Fire Engine - Ladder is included. Single color.
Knitting patterns for your Car
  • Car Seat Baby Blanket - There are many baby blankets that I have not included, because although they were designed with the car in mind, there is nothing that really separates them from other baby blankets. This pattern has a hole for buckling the seat! You won't loose this blanket!
  • Simple Steering Wheel Cover - Circumference is 46 inches. Garter stitch. This is a uni-sex cover.
  • Fuzzy Furry Steering Wheel Cover - This is a good way to use novelty yarn!
  • Steering Wheel Cover - The resulting knit object is shown on the wheels of 4 different car models. Also knit with fluffy novelty yarns.
  • Kawaii Steering Wheel Cover - 48 inch steering wheel circumference. The pattern also has recommendations on how you can keep it from slipping on a wheel.
  • Car Cozy - That's right. a CAR cozy... as in you put it ON YOUR CAR! I love the part where the pattern says "...quickly realize that this is too much knitting for one person, and invite other knitters to make cozy parts." It is shown on a VW bug.

Wow, I really expected that I would find a lot of toys. Unfortunately, there are not very many patterns available for free! I found great toy patterns that cost money, but that is not the purpose of my pattern searches.

I would like to give a shout-out to Keith, who inspired me to do this search.