Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Search for Dropped Stitch Scarves

Dropped stitch scarves are great scarf projects. They are fully functional, they knit up fast, and they are interesting to the eye. I designed a drop stitch scarf that I am very happy with, but there is a huge amount of variety for this very simple description. I was curious how many free patterns I could find out there.

Many of these patterns are quite similar, but I hope that it will help to have them listed all in one place so you can find the one that fits your yarn/taste.

  • Drop Stitch Scarf by ChemKnits! - Of course you should check out the scarf that I designed, knit in worsted weight yarn. The dropped stitches are the same length as the knit rows in between (each about an inch in height). Between the dropped rows, there is a row with YO's so the lacy effect continues up the scarf. The 7 row pattern creates a reversible scarf.
  • Chunky Drop Stitch Scarf - Knit with super bulky weight "felted ribbon" this looks like it would be very easy to complete in an afternoon. You will need to create a free account to view this pattern.
  • Drop Stitch Scarf - Simple, a 4 line repeat to the pattern. size 13 needles, only 50 g of yarn required. The drop stitch portion is nice and long.
  • Drop Stitch Scarf - This one is knit with recycled silk yarn. What a good idea for that yarn, since the thick/thin shouldn't affect the scarf too much. 9 row repeat.
  • Drop Stitch Ribbon Scarf - Another great use for novelty yarn. This has a 5 row repeat and is knit on size 13 needles.
  • Panda Cotton Drop Stitch Scarf - Knit on size 2 needles, there is not as much open space. 5 row repeat.
  • Twisted Drop Stitch Scarf - This is a slight variation on the theme. Instead of making a YO and then dropping it on the next round, this designer has a twisted stitch that you knit across the row.
  • Whimsy Garter Drop Stitch Scarf - Knit on size 10 needles, 6 row repeat.
  • Drop Loop Scarf - 6 row repeat, size 9 needles. Looks like a single YO dropped, so the dropped stitches aren't as obvious as in some of the other patterns.
  • Easy Drop Stitch Scarf Pattern - FANTASTIC. These dropped stitches do not go straight across a row, but there are waves of dropped stitches (almost like feather and fan). 8 row repeat, and the amount of YO's dropped varies across the row to give the wave pattern.
  • Drop Stitch Scarf - Another wave version.
  • Casual Drop Stitch Scarf Pattern - I call this pattern casual because it is written in paragraph form. It is more of a description than a pattern.
  • Instant Gratification Scarf - This is a twisted drop stitch that is done on all rows. (No garter border here!)
  • Party Ribbon + Kid Merino Scarf - Size 17 needles, 12 row repeat
  • Clapotis - This scarf is probably the most complicated drop stitch scarf pattern I've found yet. The scarf is knit on the bias, so the dropped rows make diagonal stripes up the scarf. Stunning!
  • Horizontal Drop Stitch Scarf - This scarf is knit ribbed, but then at the end you remove some stitches and let them drop down through the length of the scarf, resulting in horizontal dropped stitches.
  • The Magic Scarf - The actual pattern is listed here, but the instructions from the title linked post are really helpful to understand how to make this scarf. Knit a scarf, and drop some stitches, and it doubles in length! There are excellent step by step photos on the blog post.
  • Crochet Drop Stitch Scarf - I just needed to put ONE on here.
  • Snowpuff Drop-stitch scarf - Size 15 needles, 4 row repeat.
  • Vertical Drop Stitch - The author calls this stitch vertical, but you get a horizontal drop stitch effect. The "Vertical" portion is that you drop your stitches in a vertical row, rather than horizontally across a row. The result is a wave type pattern.
  • Drop Stitch Scarf with Matching Hat - The dropped portion is longer than the garter stitch portion.
  • Drop Stitch Scarf - Made with handspun bulky yarn, there are only 9 stitches cast on. Stitches are dropped down the entire length of the scarf.
  • Panda Silk DK Wave Stitch Scarf - In between the wavy dropped stitch rounds, there are rows with undropped YO's, similar to the scarf I designed.
  • Dropped Stitch Moebius Cowl - 4 row repeat, and then it's a cowl.
  • Mile a Minute Scarf #2 - Simple, 4 row repeat. 50 g of yarn used. There are variations to this theme in versions #1, #3 and #4.
  • Super Simple Drop Stitch Scarf - The beauty in this scarf is in the self striping yarn, the rows change color beautifully. 30 stitches cast on, 6" x 65"
  • Carribean Cruise Scarf - (Okay, I have to mention how cool it is that this blog is called the Keyboard Biologist) Ribbon yarn, 15 stitches CO.
  • Dropped Stitches - This is made with 2 skeins of variegated yarn, alternating the skeins every few rows.
  • Double Dropped Scarf - Dropped Stitch Row ever six rows.
  • One Drop Scarf - Dropping a single stitch down the length of a scarf creates an asymmetric, elegant variation to a simple ribbed scarf.
  • Holiday Scarf - Vertical waves.
  • Crossover Scarf - A more complex version of the technique, where you are "cabling" the dropped stitches to create an elegant criss cross. I think this would look great with a cotton or bamboo yarn where you get great definition to the stitches.
  • Fascinate - Simple, delicate.
  • Gulp Scarf - You cast on the number of stitches required for the length of the scarf. I great way to stash bust and create vertical stripes.
  • Destroyed Cowl - Stockinette with multiple stitches in row dropped down the length of the cowl.
  • Athabasca Spring Scarf - Garter stitch spacers, double YO slipped. The designed length of garter rows is about the same length as the dropped stitch row. Submitted by Knitty Aunt-Did 7/26/2010. Thanks!

Patterns that require a ravelry account for Free Ravelry download.
  • Woven Drop Stitch Scarf/Shawl - Weave a novelty yarn through the dropped stitches that were dropped down the entire length of the scarf.
  • Elegant Drop Stitch Scarf - Knit with bamboo yarn, there is great stitch definition from the stitches dropped down the length of the scarf.
  • Dropped Yarnover Scarf - Three knit rows in between each YO row. Smaller gauge than some of the other scarves, making a more delicate looking product.
  • Drop 1, 2, 3 - Dropped stitch rows contain 1, 2 or 3 YO's, giving you a variety to the height of the dropped stitch row.
  • Tiara Scarf - Standard dropped stitch middle, but there is also a cute ruffle at the end.
I don't think I've even scratched the surface here. Many of the scarf patterns I found have only garter stitch between the drop stitches rows. Most of the variety in the patterns comes from the number of rows between dropped stitches and the number of YO's that are dropped. The real variety comes from the type of yarn used in the scarf.