Saturday, July 17, 2010

Swatching for More Lacy Scarves

So I received a large quantity of Lion Brand Romance for the holidays. I immediately thought that it would work for the Simple Lacy Scarf that I made with Suri Dream from Knitpicks, but since the Romance yarn is mostly acrylic, I wasn't sure if it would block to hold the lace shape.

I went through the lace pattern a couple of times (on size 15 needles), and then slipped the scarf off of the needles. NO CURLING. The yarn is fuzzy enough that it sticks to itself, and allows the shape to remain.

I didn't even try to block the swatch. The shape is held enough that you can see the lace, it doesn't matter if you cannot block it further! When I made a gift bag with this same yarn, I noticed that the edges didn't curl very much right away. I had to "help" the top of the bag curl.

I unraveled this swatch, but there may be another lacy scarf in my future....

Wrong side of the swatch. Still no curling, no matter how much I manipulate it.

I love the simple lacy scarf that I created, it is so fluffy, light and cozy. There are two slight problems. 1) I made the scarf too long, so to wear it I need to wrap it around my neck three times. This is actually pretty cute, and the result looks almost like a cowl. But problem 2).... When the scarf gets wet from a little bit of snow, then it "re-blocks" back into a mess, resulting in the need to block it again. Is this going to be something I need to do each time I wear the scarf?

The simple lacy scarf "unblocked" and reblocked. Thankfully the fix was fast!