Sunday, January 9, 2011

Search for Knitted Ties

I'm not entirely sure how I feel about knitted ties. J. Crew has had some for sale in the past few years (around $50!) If I were to ever want to give Keith a knit tie (IF), it would be cheaper to make one myself. Since I was curious about what free patterns are available, I initiated this search.

I am limiting my search to classic looking neckties, not anything that can be tied around the neck.

The Patterns:
  • Knit Necktie - Seed stitch, skinny with a blunt end, "Easy" difficulty. (Note: you must register for a free Lion Brand account to view this pattern)
  • Striped Necktie - Knit in the round with self-striping yarn. The shape is of a skinny tie with blunt ends. (Note: you must register for a free Lion Brand account to view this pattern)
  • Traveling Rib Tie - Ribbed. Classic Shape.
  • Angelus Knit Tie - This is double layered, but is not knit in the round. It is folded in a similar way you would see with a traditional tie. There is nice texture on this garment. Bias pearled stripes.
  • A Silk Tie - Very classic tie shape with bias stripes.
  • Knit Bow Tie - Just as it sounds!
  • Men's Bias Knit Tie - very classic shape, diagonal stripes.
  • Dad's Knit Tie - Straight, skinny.
  • Bowtie Tie - This is not a bow tie. This is a tie that has a bow tie design on it. Classic shape. The first I've found with a color design other than stripes.
  • Wool Bam Boo Striped Tie - stockinette with stripes. A pointed end (which looks like it was folded and sewn? I didn't open the pattern PDF to check). Skinny with a pointed end.
  • Prep School - The small size fits a child. Knit with sock yarn. Classic shape.
  • Tweedy Tie - Moss stitch, classic shape, point.
  • His or Her Silk Necktie - Skinny, blunt ends.
  • The Easiest Bow Tie Ever - Caroline would like this one a lot, as it is modeled on a baby!
  • Unisex Skinny Tie - Multiple stitches cast on, knit width-wise.
  • Chamber Tie - A cable down the center.
  • Man's Tie in Party Ribbon - Garter stitch, pointed end.
  • Hermione's Tie - Knit in Griffindor colors, cute eyelets in the center.
  • Hogwarts House Tie - V-Shaped stripe, can be done in any of the house colors.
  • Baby Necktie - So this is more for a young child than an infant, but it is a cute mini-tie that you can tie in the back with a strap. Add a paperclip to make it "clip on"
  • Retro Knit and Striped Tie - This one has a loop on the back so the back of the tie stays in place. Striped and Skinny.
  • 1914 Gentleman's Knitted Tie - Spotted, classic shape from a vintage pattern.
  • Cotton Tie - You need to scroll all the way to the right to see the pattern for this classic shaped tie.
  • Gentleman's Knit Tie - Classic shaped. (The designer's first published pattern!)
  • Knitted Necktie - Classic shape and even worn to a prom! (see photo)
  • Houndstooth Check Tie - Hurray! A Pattern! Houndstooth pattern. (Note: you must register for a free Lion Brand account to view this pattern)

Patterns available for free on Ravelry (create a free account, every knitter should use that website!