Thursday, April 28, 2011

Do you know how to crochet?

I love crochet items, but I have been struggling to teach myself to crochet for years. (To be fair, the last time I made a serious attempt was in 2008.) My big problem is that my gauge is too tight so I have trouble inserting the hook into the next stitch. The tension is very different than that for knitting.

So although I have yet to learn how to crochet, I have started writing about crochet patterns over on Squidoo. Consider this saving up patterns until I know enough to start crocheting myself. I have a lot of hooks, so I don't have a need for any learn to crochet kit, but I do need to arm myself with more how to crochet books if I'm going to ever succeed.

I think I want one of my first crochet projects to be a crochet cupcake, they are just a tad bit more tempting than the knit cupcake patterns that I've found. What do you think my first crochet project should be?

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