Monday, April 4, 2011

Paw Socks Knitting Pattern

Jacob is a Yorkshire terrier/poodle mix. He is a spunky little dog, and recently moved across the country from California to Boston. His mom was concerned about his ability to handle the winter, and asked if I would make some kind of dog booties for him. Although I am late with presenting my prototype, I created some paw socks for Jacob and wanted to share this free knitting pattern with you.

I didn't really have a chance to measure Jacob, but I did did make a tracing of his paw in my notebook. I am sure that the first prototype of the paw sock will fit on his foot, I'm just not sure how well it will stay on.

Sketch from my knitting design notebook of Jacob's Paw (traced onto the page).


  • Size 5 double pointed needles
  • Worsted weight yarn (I used Wool of the Andes from KnitPicks)
  • Yarn needle to sew in loose ends
  • Ribbon or extra yarn for drawstring.
Jacob's Paw Socks - Prototype 1:
  • Cast on 24 stitches, Join in the round
  • Rows 1-3: Knit
  • Row 4: K1, *K2tog, YO, K2* repeat from * across the row (24 sts). This will create eyelets for a drawstring.
  • Rows 5-24: Knit
  • Row 25: *K2, K2tog* across the row (18 sts)
  • Row 26: Knit
  • Row 27: *K1, K2tog* across the row (12 sts)
  • Row 28: Knit
  • Row 29: K2tog across the row (6 stitches)
  • Pull yarn through remaining stitches and weave in loose ends.
  • Use a piece of yarn or ribbon and weave it through the eyelets to create a drawstring.

Paw Socks Prototype 1

After the completion of one prototype, I decided to try the sock on Jacob. When I pulled it out of my bag, he came over to sniff the sock (how he knew it was for him, I have no idea!) Jacob was interested in the drawstring, but otherwise had no issue wearing the sock. The verdict: Prototype 1 fits, time to make three more! I may try a second prototype, to see if I can improve on the fit, but these paw socks will serve their function to keep his feet warm in the snow.

Abbreviations Used in this pattern:
Kfb - increase by knitting into the front and back of a single stitch.
K - knit
P - purl

SSK - decrease by slipping two stitches then knitting them together. Alternatively, you could slip one stitch, knit one stitch and pass slipped stitch over.
K2tog - decrease by knitting two stitches together.
YO - Yarn Over
sl - slip a stitch
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