Sunday, July 3, 2011

More Images of the Garters

I missed the ability to discuss my knitting projects in order to keep things a secret. I am writing this post 4 days before the wedding, and I completed the garters a few days ago (about a week before the wedding).

I love the image the garters make when they have had the ribbons inserted. Once they have the elastic in them, the ribbons bunch up and they do not look as pretty (until they are on a leg, of course.)

Since I am preparing to move to Illinois, I had to keep my knitting objects available so I could finish these garters. At one point, I had to dig through a packed box to find a yarn needle so I could weave in the last ends! It was really exciting when I was finished, because I was finally able to pack up the pins and needles.

Blocking the last garter.

Why didn't I include this in the post I published on my wedding day? I wanted that post to be all about the completed projects, rather than the entire progress. And I needed to have another wedding themed post, because "today" (July 3) is Caroline's wedding day! "Tomorrow" I will be leaving Boston and headed to my new home. One of the first boxes I'll unpack will be my knitting stuff!