Saturday, March 3, 2012

Jack's Ball

Indy has a cousin (well, technically second cousin since Jack's "parents" are Keith's cousins.) Since Keith and I would be spending Christmas with Jack, we thought it was fitting for Indy to "give" Jack one of his favorite toys... a knit ball.

Using the dog themed knitting charts and the blank dog toy ball knitting chart, I designed the following chart for Jack's ball.

Each of these charts are 6x36 stitches. I used the bottom chart to knit the ball so that rows could change seamlessly and without interruption to the design.

I have learned from experience that it is important to felt hand knit dog toys, especially if your dog is a heavy chewer. It is possible that Indy's original ball has survived well because it was one of his first toys, but I am hopeful that when I repair and felt some of his newer knit toys that they will survive a bit better.

I wrapped the ball in a brown paper bag so Jack would be able to open his present himself. Unfortunately, I never got to see this happen because Jack's ball was one of the projects lost in the mail.