Saturday, November 5, 2011

Dog Themed Knitting Charts

I just finished knitting a Christmas stocking for my puppy, Indy. I designed a lot of dog themed knitting charts for the project, and not all of them are going to make it into the final stocking. I therefore thought I would publish the 10 individual charts separately from the final stocking knitting chart. Enjoy!

Dog Silhouette Knitting Chart - 28x33 sts

Fire Hydrant Knitting Chart - 20 x 13 sts

Small Bone Knitting Chart - 5 x 12 sts

Paw Print Knitting Chart - 8 x 11 sts

Big Bone Knitting Chart - 15 x 30 sts. This is big enough to enclose a 5 letter high name. Just adjust the length accordingly.

Hose Knitting Chart - 15 x 13 sts

Tree Knitting Chart - 16 x 11 sts

Bow Wow Knitting Chart - 5 x 31 sts (not including white border)

Woof Knitting Chart - 5 x 17 sts

These knitting charts were created by ChemKnits for your personal or charity use. You are not to distribute or reprint this pattern without the permission of ChemKnits. © 2011 ChemKnits


  1. Very nice motif!Found your blog this evening,and now you are in my blogroll!SynnĂžve from Norway

  2. I actually made my own dog bone chart earlier today. It was very similar to your big bone chart. Mine is a little bit thinner I think.

  3. Your site is amazing! I cannot believe how many knitting charts you have created... you are using up all the space in my favorites section! I keep finding your charts and it is beginning to occur to me that I should probably learn how to knit one up... I have never done that before but you have inspired me!
    Thanks for all the great charts!

    1. Thanks! You can always duplicate stitch (a kind of embroidery) a pattern onto a finished knit project. But colorwork is lots of fun!! I recommend my Ombre Hat pattern if you've never done stranded colorwork before.

  4. Is Indy an American Eskimo Dog? I had that breed for years! Have you ever tried using his fur to spin with?

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