Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Another Peek into My Design Notebook

I love designing my own knitting patterns. I have a special notebook that I use to keep track of my ideas and where I start to work through the designs themselves. I have given you a peek inside the notebook in the past, and I felt that it was time to give you another glimpse.

I am so proud of my Fenway Convertible Mitts, they work great to keep my hands warm while watching baseball games in the cold and unpredictable Boston weather.

The Bumble Bee Pin Cushion is a fun variation of one of my most popular knitting patterns, the Bumble Bee Plushie.

The Teeny tiny Mittens pattern is one of the few that I started immediately with a chart... drawn by hand!

The hissy snake design page is a good example of how much a design can change from initial sketches, or how many ideas don't get incorporated into the final design.

I hope that you enjoyed this second peak into my design notebook. Even though I am now selling my first knitting pattern (the Anemone Coat Check Scarf), I will continue to offer the majority of my knitting patterns for free here on ChemKnits.

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