Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Search for Free Hippo Knitting Patterns

My friend Jamie collects purple hippos. She has teased me about knitting one for her, and I wanted to see what kinds of hippo knitting patterns are available for free online. This is what I found:
  • Little Hippo - I have knit other items from this designer before, and I've loved the way that they came out. Very small, and could be knit fairly quickly.
  • Mybootee Sock Hippo - Not a Sock Monkey, but similar in the way they're styled. This would give you a larger stuffed knit hippo. The formatting on the blog post is strange, but there is a link to the PDF of the pattern near the top. I recommend looking at the pdf, as trying to read a knitting pattern all in one paragraph wouldn't be very fun!
  • Mini Hippo - Another cute stuffed hippo. I think this would be bigger than little hippo, but smaller than the sock hippo. You will need to create a free Ravelry.com account to download this free hippo knitting pattern.
  • Mini-Nilpferd - Little Hippo - The pattern is available in German. There are some images of the construction, but until a translation comes out I would not be able to knit this stuffed hippo.
  • Hipponymous - "A nearly seamless hippo where short rows are used to achieve shaping. It’s “nearly seamless” because the ears must be sewn on." This looks fantastic! You will need to create a free Ravelry.com account to download this free hippo knitting pattern.
  • Hippo! Cloth - a chart of a hippo (and the word Hippo) that you can knit flat.
There aren't too many free Hippo knitting patterns out there. If you are looking for patterns to purchase, the number increases by a factor of 5. I hope that you found the hippo knitting pattern that you were looking for!

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