Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Lovely yarn

I love hand dyed yarn, whether it comes from dyeing yarn in my own kitchen or yarn dyed by someone else. Purple is one of my favorite colors, and was the dominant color of my wedding. One of my bridesmaids, Jamie, gave me this stunning handdyed (and handspun!) purple colorway for my bachelorette party.

Beautiful shades of purple. And 18 oz!!

The yarn was spun by Frank Osborne of Oasis Fiber. (Contact at: 505-384-4277 or email The fiber looks heavy worsted, and there are 18 oz (510 g) of this yarn. What should I make out of it?

I'm still learning how to use my phone to create blog posts. Even though I have rotated this photo on my phone, whenever I try to re-import it into blogger it still shows upside down! Hopefully I'll learn a way to fix this up sometime soon...