Thursday, March 22, 2012

We’ve Got You Covered: 25 Crochet & Knit Throws from Red Heart Yarn

In the past year, I have done a lot of work with I was thrilled when their sister site, asked me if I would be interested in reviewing and promoting their free eBooks. FaveCrafts seems to dedicate it to all types of crafts, rather than focusing 100% on one genre. Today I am going to take a look at We’ve Got You Covered: 25 Crochet & Knit Throws from Red Heart Yarn.

I am a silly knitter. I love afghan patterns, and always find myself wanting to cast on a new project. I never seem to remember that they take me years! When I completed my first crochet project, I immediately wanted to cast on (is it still called cast on when you're talking about crochet?) an afghan. I was excited to see what types of projects We’ve Got You Covered would have to offer.

According to the editors, this book contains 6 easy crochet, 2 easy knit, 15 intermediate crochet, and 2 advanced crochet throw blanket patterns. Immediately you can see a balance problem, 23 crochet vs. 2 knit blankets. Of course, it is hard to complain when this eBook is available for free! The patterns are divided into these categories in the table of contents, so it is easy for you to select a project for your skill level.

I am not even close to an experienced crocheter (I really only know how to double crochet), but I wanted to look at those patterns first. The Crocheted Amish Quilt-Inspired Throw is a beautiful mix of striping and solid colored yarns. I would have thought that the photograph was of a quilt not a crochet item in first glance if I didn't remember I was in a crochet ebook. (Of course, the photo is too far away to see the stitch definition!) I fell in love with the Dresden Plate Crocheted Throw. There are multiple panels that have these 12 petal flowers in the center. With the right color selection this could have a real nice modern vibe.

I won't mention every single afghan here, but there are some that really stood out to me. The Delicate Stained Glass Crochet Throw looks like something I should add to my queue. It looks like a standard granny square afgahn, but there are stair-stepped edges that give it a different twist. I have never seen this type of pattern before, so I was very excited. (Plus I think I might be able to make it!) The Bold and Beautiful Catherine's Wheel Crochet Throw has amazing texture to it. There are solid and muilticolored yarns raidiating out from the center in a squarish zigzag pattern. This is another afghan that I would love to create! The Crochet a Fan Throw looks like stained glass (although I am not sure I can say this because another of the afghans is named after stained glass!
Finally, what about the two knit afghans? The Arrowhead Lace Knit Throw is a simple 4 row repeat that will give you something airy and cozy to cuddle with. (I would personally knit this with some kind of cotton. It looks like a perfect warm weather throw blanket.) The Knit Cables and Diamonds Throw reminds me a bit of my first knit blanket, but only because that also had a pattern of diamonds on it. This blanket has alternating columns of lacy diamonds and cables. It is very pretty!
As I finish flipping through We’ve Got You Covered I find myself in some trouble. I need to hone up on my crochet skills and get some yarn so I can create these patterns for myself! I am not the biggest fan of 100% acrylic yarn, but I will definitely keep an eye out on RedHeart patterns in the future.

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