Saturday, January 14, 2012

Crochet Granny Square Scarf - My First Crochet Project!

I have tried to learn how to crochet on many occasions, but I am pleased to finally share with you the journey towards my first finished crochet project!

I purchased the Granny Square Scarf Kit from KnitPicks because the description said:
"Learn to Crochet with this fun and classic pattern for Granny Square Scarves! Designed by crochet instructor and author Linda Permann, you will learn the basics of crochet while making each granny square with a simple combination of double crochet and chain stitches. By following along instructions with full color photography, you will be hooked on crochet in no time at all. Linda?s expert use of color and motif make this a versatile design that can be expanded on far beyond scarves to make crocheted blankets, wraps, bags and more."

There are great step by step photos that show the construction of the square, and how you make the stitches into the square like circles. What the kit does NOT do is teach you how to crochet. There is no tutorial on what a double crochet is. Once I went to one of my learn to crochet books (Donna Kooler's Encyclopedia of Crochet) to look up the stitches, then I was able to get started.

Watch me go! With the exception of a little blip* (will be explained below) I was off and crocheting really fast! Is crochet faster than knitting? I'm still not convinced, but even as a beginner these granny squares grew very quickly under my fingers, and I really enjoyed the rhythm of it.

When I finished the first square (see the one with the bow on it, below), I realized that I was making the DC (double crochet) stitch incorrectly. When compared to a properly completed square, there wasn't a lot of size difference, so I ended up using both in the scarf. (Isn't it the imperfections that make things beautiful?)

I was using a size 6 (G) crochet hook for this project, but my squares ended up being a little smaller than they should have been. Through round 4 of the squares, Colors A, D, E and G were only used 3 times, where colors B, C and F were each used 4 times. I too this usage into account when I decided to add one more round before connecting the squares (making the color H around round 6.)

The squares through round 4 as directed

My choices for the colors for the added 5th round

I am now ready to connect the squares together!

I was nervous about connecting the squares together, but it went so easily! I think I want to use crochet to join things together in the future.

I went to a bigger hook (size H/8; 5 mm) for the single crochet edging. I started the edging in the center of one of the sides so I could hide the beginning better than if it were on one of the ends.

I kept track of the yarn usage from this project. With the exception of Color H, each of the other colors used under half a 50g ball of Wool of the Andes.

I blocked the scarf, but I'm not sure how much good it did. The final scarf is 6' long x 5" wide. The scarf isn't the softest thing I've ever created, but it is certainly sturdy. I am already dreaming up the colors (and calculating yardage) I want to use for a granny square afghan... (Gulp! Why is it that I find dozens of afghans that I want to make?) I think that this would make a good blanket project because there are little bits of completion as I go.

I am so glad that I decided to weave in ends as I went.... look at how many ends I ended up snipping off by the end of the project. This pile weighs 8 g, and there were more snips that I threw away!

Is this a good learn to crochet kit? Not really. But is it a great learn to make granny squares once you know what the basic stitches mean? Yes.