Saturday, January 21, 2012

Jenn's Tam

I love the color teal, but I am not the only one. One of Jenn's wedding colors was teal, so I knew that it would be a great color to incorporate into her Christmas hat. The fair isle tam was a really fun project. I really love colorwork, and I was interested in trying another hat shape.

Used size 6 needles for the brim, transitioned to size 7 for the rest of the hat. I selected one of my favorite yarns (KnitPicks Wool of the Andes - which just underwent a modest price increase) in Blue Ink (navy) and Spruce (teal). The hat consumed 46g of the main color (navy) and 23g of the contrasting color (teal).

This is a project that absolutely required blocking! The fit was a little wonky before blocking, but I was amazed how easy it was to create the circular look.

Jenn's hat is one of the projects that as of 1/5/12 is still lost in the mail. I won't comment each time a lost project shows up, but I want everyone who is waiting for their gifts to know that I still haven't lost hope!