Friday, June 8, 2012

Luxe Hat

Here is the second project I made from the Luxe Accessories kit. I knit this hat on size 8 knitting needles using City Tweed Heavy Worsted/Aran yarn in Emerald Isle. I LOVE THIS YARN. It is so soft and fuzzy, I would love to make something else out of it. This project consumed 65 g of yarn.

The pattern says "note that on rounds 8, 10 and 12 of the chart, you will need to shift the markers one stitch to the left to preserve the pattern." I assumed (because a triple decrease was the last stitch) that this would mean the stitch marker would be slipped at the end of a round (which is fairly common.) But as I started round 8, I realized it wasn't lining up correctly. You have to slip this stitch at the beginning of the round for things to proceed correctly. This is true for rows 22-46, too (the even rounds, at least.) Other projects on ravelry ended up with twisted pattern that wasn't present in the original pattern. I did NOT slip the marker on row 48.

I would definitely make this hat again. It was a very fast, satisfying knit.

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