Monday, July 16, 2012

Knitted Wild Animals

I have seen many toy knitting books, but I have not flipped through Knitted Wild Animals: 15 Adorable, Easy-to-Knit Toys by Sarah Keen before.

I love creating knit toys. As I write this review I thought it had been a while since I had made a knit toy but then I remembered my LadyBug Amigurumi and the Zombie Sheep test knit I completed (that is a whole other story.) In any event, I love knit toys!

The Table of Contents of this book is a lot of fun. You see huge full page photos of each animal right from the start. My favorites inlcude Giraffe, Tiger, Hippo and (of course) Penguin. The teeth on the crocodile are awesomely embroidered (something that even I could replicate.)

The pictures are large and very clear. You see each toy from multiple angles so you really get a great sense of what you are trying to knit. Around the pattern, there are "Did you know?" facts about the animal. This is an incredible book and is 100% going on my wish list. (hint hint)

In the back of the book there are basic knitting instructions, and telling you the difference between stockinette and garter fabrics. This is a good reference for someone who needs a reminder, but is not a great "learn how to knit for the first time" section. I still think that this book could be good for an adventerous beginner who is wanting to try new techniques.