Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My first sweater

When I was at my parents' house over Thanksgiving, I went though my boxes until I found the first sweater I ever knit. I made this cardigan my senior year in high school, with help from my adviser, Laurie. Laurie got me back into knitting, and helped me have the confidence I have today. She took me to the yarn store to select the fiber, and even knit one of these sweaters along side me!

I have no idea what the yarn is, but it is a little shiny and there is definitely some elastic in it (which is why I can still get it on.) I remember my first attempt at blocking, but this sweater did not hold shape well. This is the reason why I ended up not leaving the buttons on it, the edges curled and if I tried to close it it looked awful. I believe I knit this on size 13 or 15 knitting needles.

The sweater no longer fits me as I would like (styles, and my weight, have changed in the last 10 years!) But I will hang onto this for my potential future daughter.