Friday, July 13, 2012

Search For Minecraft Knitting and Crochet Patterns

Designing knitting patterns for Minecraft fans is a knitter's dream because the pixelated game is easy to convert to stitches. I created a number of Minecraft themed knitting charts that are hosted over on Knitting Project of the Day, and I was curious about what other Minecraft themed knitting patterns I could find.

Minecraft Charts

Minecraft Knitting Patterns
  • Minecraft Hat - A beanie with "Minecraft" written across the brim. Add some of the above charts to the design and you'd have a winner for any Minecraft fan. Instructions are both charted and written out.
  • Minecraft Socks - Designed with a texture to represent the squares in the game. You may need to create a free account to download this pattern.
  • Minecraft Dirt Cloth Washcloth - A cute checkered pattern, brown variegated on the bottom with a green top is a cute representation of Minecraft dirt. You may need to create a free account to download this pattern.
  • Minecraft Creeper (2) Washcloth - According to the designer this is more the size of a large coaster and the next pattern is more of a washcloth size. You may need to create a free account to download this pattern.
  • Minecraft Creeper (3) Washcloth - You may need to create a free account to download this pattern.

Minecraft Crochet Patterns


  1. Ah, well. I was hoping you'd have found something that I hadn't already seen. Every male in my house (four of them!) is in love with that game. They play it on computers, tablets, and smartphones. It's insane.

    I made an enderman following a pattern for a grim reaper. Let me see if I can find it. Ah. Here it is:

    1. I was hoping to find more patterns myself, but this just means that I'll have to design some of my own! I have ideas that incorporate a few of the different charts, but I just have to finish sketching and then knit (my design notebook gets fuller faster than I can knit the projects.)

      I love the purple buttons you used for your enderman!

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