Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Test Knit - London Skyline Cowl

I was so excited when I got the opportunity to test knit the London Skyline Cowl Knitting Pattern. I selected Berroco Peruvia in the color Oat and used size 7 knitting needles.

The yardage on the initial pattern was a whole skein of yarn, so I wasn't sure how much was required. I only had one ball of Peruvia in my stash, but I thought the cowl would be so lovely in that color that I didn't want to try a different yarn.

This yarn was not great for a cable cast on because it splits so easily, but I still wanted to make the cowl with this yarn. (I also wanted to follow the instructions for the test knit exactly.) It was so much fun watching the buildings pop out of the fabric. It was 100% worth having to buy more yarn to complete the project (I used 129 g = 1.29 skeins = 225 yards of yarn for this project.)

It was such a pleasure to work with this designer. Not only were the pattern instructions very clear, but she listened to the comments I gave and even incorporated some of my suggestions in to the pattern!

This is a project that absolutely requires blocking. I didn't pin it out, just wet blocked it gently to make the fabric hold its shape better.

I had fun in this photoshoot with Keith. I think the cowl looks amazing on him!