Monday, September 10, 2012

Drafting Silk Hankies - for Spinning or Knitting

I have been on a spinning kick recently. I found spinning silk hankies to be a lot easier than wool because the fibers are so long that it doesn't come apart easily. This feature of Mawata has another use to fiber enthusiasts, you can draft the silk and knit directly from the unspun fiber. This will make extremely warm garments.

So what do you think, will you give playing with mawata a try?

There is a full written tutorial up on AllFreeKnitting: How to Make Silk Hankies Into Yarn.


  1. Rebecca, this is so impressive. I've been following your progress on Facebook, and had no idea how you turned a silk hankie into roving. This is amazing!!

    1. It is fun isn't it? Now, these are different than silk handkerchiefs that you may purchase at department stores. These hankies are specifically created for spinning purposes. :)

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