Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Owlie Sleep Sack

When I first came across the Owlie Sleep Sack, I thought it was one of the most darling knitting patterns I'd ever seen.  (NB that the pattern says you should never leave the baby in the sleep sack unattended.)  Even if it isn't useful for sleeping, it would make an adorable prop for a newborn photo shoot!

I was super excited to make my first project with owl cables.  As you can see from my pattern search, there are dozens of free knitting patterns that feature Owl Cables.  I used some "remnant" (in quotes because I have hundreds of grams) worsted weight wool/acrylic blend from my SIL on size 7 needles.

I love going to Crochet Club, but I always need to have a simple project to take with me.  I figure that this sleep sack, with lots of stockinette, would be perfect for me to bring along.  It turns out the the Owl cables are at the beginning, so even though CC is tonight I need to cast on fast to get past this section to have an easy project to work on.  

I am using a larger cable (32") to try to magic loop this project.  I do not have size 7 - 16" cicular needles.  (unfortunately KnitPicks doesn't make cables that short.)  Never mind, it looks like the 24" cable will work for most of it.  I can always switch back if it  is an issue.  

I am using some miscallenous worsted weight wool/acrylic blend (brand unknown) that Sherry gave me ages ago.  It is machine washable and there is definitely enough yardage for this project.  There was a break in the yarn so I uses a Russian join!  You almost can't tell. 

The piece measures ~3.75", including the rolled brim, after the 18 owl cable rows.  (And I did finish this in time to go to crochet club without the pattern!)  

I knit a little further than 12" before starting the decreases (a total of 57 stockinette rows.)   This project consumed 85 g of the unknown wool, and measures 14.5" long.  Is this long enough for a newborn?  We'll have to wait and find out!  


  1. Hello! I know you finished your project years ago, but can you please tell me how the magic looped worked for you with the owl cables? How did you divide the yarn? Thanks! ��

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