Sunday, February 2, 2014

More 2D Needle Felted Creatures

After I completed my first ever 2D needle felting project, a Purple Seahorse, at the end of the summer I had enough fiber left over for at least two other creatures.  This time I'm not going to share step by step photos, but just give you a sense of what I did.   (If you want those check out my felting of the Seahorse, I documented that very well!)

For the Seagull, I tried layering on some more colors at the beginning to see what would happen.  I put down a full layer of purple, then a full layer of pink for the initial felting.I focused a bit more on felting at the edges of the cookie cutter so there would be better definition around the corners of the ornament.  I then layered a tiny bit of yellow on top for an accent.  I love the way the colors show through!

For the turtle I wanted to use up the rest of the fiber from the kit.  I layered some yellow and pink on the bottom and then covered it with the remaining purple.  (I didn't really want the yellow or pink to show through very much, but needed them for thickness.)  I then tried to space out the decorations a bit to make the shell different from the turtle body.   I used black on the head, legs and tail and then teal and the remaining stellina on the shell.  I LOVE how it came out!  

Now I just need a penguin cookie cutter and to hand dye some fiber and I can make a purple penguin ornament to go with my collection.  Do you like my little 2D felted ornaments?