Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ribbed Newsboy Visor Hat

When I found the Ribbed Newsboy Visor Hat crochet pattern I fell in love with the the cute boyish look.  I knew immediately that this was something I wanted to create for my newborn son!  I grabbed the Araucania Tolhuaca Solid remaining from Lucky's baby blanket and a size H (5 mm) crochet hook and set off on the 3 month size hat.  In the end, the hat consumed 68 g, 82 yards of yarn.  The color is called Denim so I'm expecting it to look like a blue jean newsboy hat.

This is my first time doing a textured sort of stitch.  The ribbed effect is achieved by alternating where you make the DC stitch from, and I think it is pretty cool!

I stated the project with a magic ring because this is my preferred method of starting circles.

Unfortunately the instructions for Round 4 and Rounds 5-10 are written identically, but round 4 involves a 12 st increase from round 3 whereas rounds 5-10 remain constant.  I think the difference is that in round 4 you DC and fpdc into the SAME stitch and in rounds 5-10 you fpdc into the NEXT stitch to not increase.  It helps to note that you are always fpdc'ing around a previous fpdc stitch.

I love how the "ribbing" radiates out.  After the first 4 rows, my piece measures 4.5" in diameter.

Without the visor, the hat measures 5.25" deep and 14" circumference.  The material is fairly stretchy, so there is some ability to block this bigger if necessary.  I knew from the get go that I didn't want to leave this as a beanie (although it is an adorable beanie) and wanted to make the visor.

I used removable stitch markers to designate where I was going to work the stitches for the visor.  I figured it was better to plan it out ahead a bit.  I liked the length of the visor after the 6 rows as written.  The visor is about 1" in length, equivalent to the 4 row sc brim of the beanie portion of the hat.   When making the final SC round around the hat, I continued across the front of the brim and then fastened off in the corner of the brim.

I think this hat is totally adorable, and I cannot wait for my little one to be born so I can try it on him!  (I finished this hat exactly 1 month before my due date!)