Sunday, April 20, 2014

Chevrons for Baby G

When my good friend Jenn was pregnant, I asked her about what kinds of colors and themes they liked for the baby.  At the time they didn't know the sex of Baby G (it's a girl!), but as soon as Jenn said that she liked chevrons I knew that I had a hat for Baby G, the ChemKnits Chevron Baby Hat! I started this in early December so I could give it to the expectant parents when I saw them at New Years.

Thankfully I had some colors in my stash that work great for baby items AND also fall in the color scheme Jenn and Alan love.  I selected comfy worsted yarn in whisker (grey - 10 g; 22 yards) and marlin (teal - 15 g; 33 yards), picked up my size 5 (3.75 mm) double pointed knitting needles and was ready to go.  (Please let 2 month minus 1 day Lucky stay asleep so I can get some knitting done!)

It is so nice making a baby hat when I know that the odds are good it will fit the baby just fine.  It is much nicer to design baby hats knowing a bit more to expect with baby head growth.  This is why I've been measuring not just Lucky's head circumference, but also the distance over his head from the tips of his ears.   I now understand why most baby hats have folded brims!

So the Chevron Baby Hat sample was knit with sport weight yarn and fit my 5 week old baby perfectly.  I started out following the exact pattern with a worsted weight yarn, using the same size needles.  I wonder how the sizing will differ.  So far, it looks like the sitches/inch are the same, but there are fewer rows/inch. 

Because of the gauge difference, I knit 13 stripes (just over 4.25") before starting the decreases.

The finished hats are the exact same size.  Wahoo!!

Modeled by 2 month old Lucky.