Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A Little Hair Bow

It is a lot easier to create small circular motifs with crochet than knitting, and crochet is perfect to make some small flower appliques (so many fewer pieces to make when compared to knit flowers, you can join as you go!). I started the week creating a Lucky Clover for my Lucky, and then started making some small flowers and hair bows that I'm going to start sharing with you now. 

I selected the Mini-Bow Headband. I may have a little boy, but I thought these were darling!  I'm not entirely sure what yarn I used, but I know that it was 100% acrylic that I purchased for a charity afghan back in the day.  I'm guessing it is something like Red Heart Super Saver, so this is the yarn I selected to guesstimate yardage.  Each bow took about 5 minutes to make. 

2 weeks ago (at 3 months), Lucky had a 16.25" circumference.  Now a newborn would need a smaller headband, but I wanted to play with the fit on him a bit.  Since the headband itself (I selected the small one) is just a crochet chain, I made it 16" long to see how it would fit on Lucky's head.  I then knew I could cut and readjust it to be newborn size.
3 month headband weighs 2 g including loose ends that need cutting off.
This was so easy that I whipped up two more bows while Lucky was still napping.  I can wait to see what to do with the chain once he wakes up.   (well, that was the intent...  but I made it through half of a bow before we got up.  Whoops!)  I was able to finish this during the next nap. 

Taking picture of Lucky with the bows on was SO MUCH FUN! I would say that the 16" chain length was a little bit big for him, and it didn't even take advantage of any of the stretch in the chain. 
15 week old Lucky modeling the bow.  Thank you google for the Auto Awesome! 
I reduced the chain to 14 inches, but it easily stretches to 16".  This is safely 0-3 month size.  I'll try it on Lucky again after he wakes up from another nap.  I tied the ends of the chain together carefully and slipped this knot under the bow itself.  (If it fits poorly, the parents can always remove the bow from the chain.) 

This ones doesn't show off the bow well... but it shows of my happy little boy!

I used 7 g of yarn for 3 bows (including clipped loose ends).  13 yards. These would also be great for wrapping presents.  I think I'll include one of these in every baby shower I go to in the future.  They'd make great bow ties for a stuffed bear, too! 

The new 14" chain just barely stretches to fit around 15 week old Lucky's head, although it is maybe a little too tight to be comfortable (wearing it didn't leave a mark, so not TOO too tight.).  I would say this is definitely 0-3 month size.