Sunday, April 13, 2014

Lucky's Lucky Clover

I spent a week in January crocheting a bunch of mini-motifs.  Some of the others I'll share in the coming weeks, but I wanted to share the Lucky Clover Pin first because it is still close to St. Patrick's Day (almost a month late, but I figured that you'd understand!) 

I'm not sure what yarn I'm using, but it is 100% acrylic so Red Heart Super Savers is my best guess.  I chose a size D crochet hook. 

I love that the pattern gives a step by step tutorial!  I made a mistake in round 2 (skipped the slip stitch), which I think made my clover pucker a bit.  I realized this on the last leaf of round 2 so I didn't feel like going back.  Therefore I skipped the Sl sts in the 3rd round, too.  

I chained 10 sts instead of 13 to make the stem because I was running out of yarn.  7 g, 13 yards used with probably about a foot of yarn left.  Now that is some good stashbusting!  

If Lucky were a little girl, then I would love to put this lucky clover onto a headband.  But alas, he is my little boy, so maybe I'll put it on a headband for ME.  After all, I am one lucky mama, right?