Wednesday, April 9, 2014


I am a huge KnitPicks customer, and I can never let a order go by under $50.  Paying for shipping is money that could otherwise have gone to yarn.  My wish list is filled with needles and odds and ends that I need for my kit but don't have an urgent need for that I can use to top off my order.  This time, I added a pompom maker to the mix, and boy was I excited to get started! 

 As a kid I had a pompom maker, but it was a little less impressive than the ones in this kit.  I have to say that I"m impressed with how easy it was to make the pompoms. 


I decided to explore the pompoms in all of their glory, varying as many different elements as I could.  

Two color:

Big vs Little:

Worsted vs Fingering: 

Two strands together: 

Three strands together 


This was what I could think of while working through my remnant collection of yarns.  Are there any other variations of pompoms I should explore?  All of these were done with 100% wool, I didn't play with different fiber types or novelty yarns.... yet!  Also, what kind of projects should I make with pompoms?  I can't wait to hear your suggestions. 

I finishing all of the pompoms and then realized that there were additional instructions on the inside of the cardboard packaging. Whoops!  At least I seemed to figure it out okay.