Monday, April 7, 2014

Free Easter Crochet Patterns

Due to some changes over at Squidoo, it is no longer the place for me to share some of my free pattern searches.  I will be moving those over here to ChemKnits.  As you know, I love making items for different holidays.  Now that I'm crocheting, it makes sense to take advantage of the work I did looking for free crochet patterns.  I hope you enjoy these free crochet Easter patterns that I had assembled a while ago. 
Free Crochet Easter Egg Patterns
Banana Berry Easter Egg Cover
Cute little crochet eggs. The author also has a variation of the same pattern.
Suzie's Easter Egg Cover
You can see just how this cover fits over the egg. It is lacy so you can see the dyed egg though the cover.
Ancilla - Easter Egg Cover
Beautiful and lacy.
Crochet Easter Egg Garland
Pin the eggs you create to a ribbon to create a garland
Small Easter Egg Pillow
A cute egg shaped pillow with a flower embellishment.
Crocheted Easter Egg Tutorial
This blog post contains EXCELLENT pattern instructions with step by step photos. If you are new to crochet, you should be able to create these eggs with no problem!
Easter Egg
Beautiful striped Easter egg. Even though the colors are in rows, there is a slight chevron feel to it.
Easter Egg Crochet Pattern
A simple little crochet pattern
Filet Cross Easter Egg Cover
A lacy, delicate and stunning egg cover. There is a cross in the lace, too.
Filet in blue Easter Egg Cover
a simple lacy cover
Hanging Easter Egg Cozy
This crochet cozy is VERY lacy, you can really see the details of the painted egg it holds.
Vampire Easter Egg Crochet Pattern
Now this egg brings some fun to the holiday! Embroider a vampire's face onto your finished project.

Free Chick, Bunny and Lamb Crochet Patterns
Chocolate Bunny
Completely 2D
Chicks in Basket
These crochet chicks look like peeps!
Amigurumi Ducky Egg Cozy
Here is a cute little duck to decorate your eggs! You may need to create a free account to view this pattern
Amigurumi Lamb Egg Cozy
You may need to create a free account to view this pattern
Bunny Flowers
These little crochet flowers have tiny bunny faces at the center. So cute!
Chenille Stuffed Easter Bunny
A 3D plush toy that is just asking to be hugged

Free Easter Crochet Patterns
Happy Easter Wreath
This wreath has crochet eggs all around it.
Easter Bookmark
Lacy with ribbon woven through it
Easter Basket
Crochet this Easter basked to place your eggs in!
Shell Stitch Easter Basket
Crochet Easter Egg Basket
Complete with flower embellishemnts
Easter Tote
A simple pattern that would be good for hunting eggs.
Rustic Easter Basket
Small, good to hold some candy (like M&M's)
Crocheted Easter Bonnets
These are so cute, and would help decorate any home for Easter
Easter Egg Rug Crochet Pattern
What a great idea to decorate your home with a fun throw rug! Make a mini one into a matching coaster

This pattern search was previously published on Sqiudoo. However, since they decided to punish articles with high link density, specifically mentioning knitted patterns*, I have decided to move some of my pattern searches here to ChemKnits.  The research gone into producing these lists and comments are100% my own as I was the original author of the Squidoo lens  easter-crochet-patterns under the username chemknitsblog

*"We understand that years ago there was value is creating a lens with a lot of links to a particular topic like knitted owl patterns or places to buy Ford Mustang parts or Disney coloring pages.However our new standards state that you need to use links in moderation." - Squidoo HQ