Sunday, August 10, 2014

VIDEO: How to Purl through the Back Loop (p-tbl)

In my last post, I shared my video on how to knit through the back loop. Today I'm going to share the counterpart video, how to purl through the back loop (p-tbl).   Purling through the back loop doesn't look as different as normal purl stitches, but when you flip the fabric over you see that you are creating twisted stitches.  I frequently use these twisted stitches in 1x1 ribbing to make it look a little cleaner and in thin cables to make the stitches stand out a bit more off of a reverse stockinette background.  

What tutorials would you like me to create?  Sometimes if I am inspired enough and have the tools ready to go I might be able to film a video right away!  (More often than not I need to wait for a yarn order and then time when the baby is napping and I'm not in the middle of a move.  Boy do these younglings keep you hopping!)


  1. The hopping never stops! So, best to be very comfortable in your life with the children as guests.

    I thought you weren't due until October. I must have missed the actual.

    Best advise from pediatrician: There is nothing you have to do when your baby is sleeping except to sleep, too.

    1. I was due in October, of last year. :) I'm now chasing a 10 month old all around the apartment and sneaking in some crafting while he naps. I don't have a specific tag for just pictures of him, but here is when I announced his arrival on the blog.