Friday, August 22, 2014

Midwest Fiber and Folk 2014

I have a yarn stash problem.  With the birth of Lucky last October I have less time to knit, so I'm not using up my yarn as fast as I used to.  In 2014 I have spun a lot of yarn, which isn't really helping my stash problems because I'm just adding more and more fiber to knit with.  When saw the Midwest Fiber and Folk schedule for 2014, I was torn on whether I should attend.  It seemed silly to pay a marketplace fee for both me and Keith if I wasn't going to buy anything.  At the same time, this is one of the best opportunities to get fun fiber because I can see and touch so many different fibers.  In the end, the desire to go won out and we hopped in the car for a mini road trip to the fiber fair.

I did not snuggle any angora rabbits this year.  Lucky did like looking at the rabbits but since his father is allergic to guinea pigs I didn't want to risk my 9.5 month old breaking out into hives.  Keith and Lucky did have a blast running around the booths searching for pink rubber duckies that would lead to a door prize.  However, since we were there on the last day almost all of them had been found.  The search is half the fun though, right?

I lingered over buffalo gold yarn for a LONG time. It was on sale (50% off) for $35 for 100g 200 yards. The fiber felt amazing and was a deep rich brown color.  I just couldn't pull the trigger and buy some.  I didn't want to buy one skein, because that might not be enough for a project.  But two skeins could have been too much.  Keith told me not to get it, and I grumbled a bit until I realized something.  If I had a project in mind and really wanted it, I would have purchased it without question, and he wouldn't have minded.  My wonderful husband helped me with my wavering so that I would not add another expensive fiber to my stash to sit in the yarn cupboard for a few years unused.  Thank you, honey!

I did pick up some stunning yarn.  Montain colors handpainted yarn in the color lacier Lake.  This is a 100% merino fiber and the colors in the twist look so awesome.  I"m thinking that this will become a big cowl scarf for ME.  

The Envision Unlimited booth had some really amazing fiber crafts.  I am a huge fan of the latch hook rugs.  These wouldn't be hard to make, but with a crazy shedding dog they would be a PAIN to clean.  It is a good way to break up my stash.  I'll have to give it some though!  

It was a lot of fun to go to the fiber fair with Lucky because last year I was very pregnant.  (And *gulp*, I have to admit that I have only spun one of the 4 bunches of fiber that I purchased last year... I've got to get spinning!)