Friday, June 13, 2014

Moving My Stash

I almost titled this post "ChemKnits is Moving" but then I realized that that would be misleading.  Rebecca from ChemKnits is moving into a new apartment, but ChemKnits the blog isn't going anywhere.

My May Into the Whirled fiber arrived at the very end of May, juts in time to pack it up.  I decided not to open it.  Am I crazy?  That's the best part!  I am avoiding all spoilers and am going to open it up in the new place.  This curiosity will FORCE me to organize my stash, right?

What is inside the grey bag?!?

One fun pat of moving is confronting my stash.  Despite my best efforts, I believe that it has grown over the three years we've lived in this place.

Now that everything is packed up, there isn't quite as much as I thought... but still quite the stash of yarn.  The two big boxes and bags are full of yarn, the medium box and container are other knitting materials.  The coffee table is empty (finally!)  This does not include my dyeing tools or my knitting books and magazines.    I need to come up with a better organization system, I have outgrown the cupboard where I used to store my yarn.  I will figure something out after the move... wish me luck!