Friday, December 12, 2014

It is Make the World Better with a #Sweater Day! Post your #Elfie and win a $50 gift card!

Today is the day!  Show your support for Save the Children and Make the World Better with a Sweater!  Share your #Sweater #elfie with me on the ChemKnits Facebook page and you could win a $50 gift card to Webs Yarn Store!

The Brown Family is ready with their #elfie to Make the World Better with a #Sweater.  All of us are in hand knit sweaters!  (We did take this photo ourselves with a remote shutter.)

Make the World Better with a Sweater Give Away Details

I will be giving away a $50 WEBS gift card, provided by Save the Children, to the most spirited participate in Make the World Better with a Sweater Day!  How do you enter?  TODAY December 12, wear your most festive sweater for Make the World Better with a Sweater Day and donate $5 to Save the Children (suggested amount).  Share a picture of your festive look on the ChemKnits Facebook Page today with the comment "I donated to Save the Children for Make the World Better with a #Sweater Day" and tag yourself.  Don't forget to spread the word and encourage your friends and family to participate, too!  I will select the most spirited photo on the ChemKnits Facebook Page as the winner on December 13.  If you are selected, PM me with your email and postal address and Save the Children will send you a $50 WEBS gift card.  By sharing a photo on the ChemKnits Facebook page, you are consenting to me sharing the picture here on  While handmade sweaters rock, you do not have to have created your festive sweater yourself.  Use your creativity to show your spirit in supporting Save the Children.  

You can increase your entry's holiday spirit by spreading the word on social media. Show me what you've knit (or crocheted) for the Pins and Needles Challenge. Share your photo with pride to spread the word of Make the World Better with a #Sweater Day and that you donated to Save the Children on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Make sure to tag @chemknits and @savethechildren on Instagram and @chemknitsblog and @SaveTheChildren on Twitter.

Your sweater does NOT have to be hand knit, nor does it have to be a typical "ugly" Christmas Sweater.  Use your creativity to turn your sweaters into a festive delight!  

Pins and Needles Challenge - A Success!  

I am thrilled to tell you that I succeeded at the challenge Save the Children set for me, I completed a sweater by Make the World Better with a Sweater Day, a dog sweater for Indy!  Last time I checked in with you guys I was about half way done.  Well now I am excited to show you the completed perfect fit dog sweater.

I didn't realize it at the time, but Indy's sweater contains the purples that are present in my Shalom Cardigan and Lucky's Snowy Penguin Vest.  

Indy is a 3 year old American Eskimo puppy (he still acts like a little puppy even if now he is technically an adult.)  He loves cold weather so he doesn't really need a sweater, but he looks oh so darling when I dress him up and I wanted him to support Save the Children today along with the rest of us. 

This sure is a perfect fit sweater!  I will share all of my notes from the construction at a later date, but I know that I will use these instructions to make another sweater for Indy in the future.  I"m glad to have a sweater that I can measure off of, because he might need a Snowy Penguin companion to Lucky.  (Which would require me to design a larger version of the Snowy Penguin Vest as Lucky won't be fitting it in December 2015!)

Indy is saying pretty please support Save the Children's Make the World Better with a Sweater Day.  I hope you will celebrate Make the World Better with a Sweater Day with me and donate $5 to Save the Children!