Thursday, December 4, 2014

Lucky's First Kippah

When we met Lucky's little friend LLR, his parents showed me an adorable crochet yarmulke someone made for his Bris.  Lucky didn't have a bris, but as his first High Holidays were rolling around this fall I realized that we didn't have a child sized kippah for him.  We would not be attending services this year, but I wanted to make sure that we had something on hand in case we ever needed it.

The Kippah on 11.5 month old Lucky
There is also a family history of crocheted kippot in my family.  My dad wore a crocheted kippah at my parents' wedding and my relatives made some for all of the guests.  Keith has a kippah from my cousin's wedding that my aunt made for all of the guests.  How could I NOT make Lucky his first kippah?

As soon as I came across the Keeping Kippah (Yarmulke) Star of David Version during my crochet kippah pattern search, I knew I found the winning design.  I decided to go a classic route and selected KnitPicks Pallet fingering weight yarn in Blue (actual color name, not just hue) and White.   I chose a size B crochet hook and crossed my fingers that I could get the center star correct.

I'm loving using fingering weight yarn with the B hook!  It is crocheting up like a dream and I'm having no issue keeping my stitches tight but still being able to get my hook through.  Wonderful!  (Of course, Palette is one of my favorite workhorse yarns, so are we really surprised here?)

The Star of David was much easier to construct than I thought.  I'm really proud with the way that it came out.  I think that my skills as a crocheter are really growing when I didn't really hesitate to try the trc3tog.  (It helped that the pattern had EXCELLENT written instructions for this stitch.  Well done, designer!)

After I finished the first round of color B, I'm feeling really excited.  I accomplished the star of David without a hitch and now I am ready to finish the rest of the kippah.  I know that the rest of this project will be smooth sailing.  It is just SO wonderful when everything works out, especially when I was expecting it to be a bit tricky.

After round 10 the kippah measured over 3.5 inches in diameter.  I checked it on Lucky's head, and the size was looking close to complete in my opinion.  I joined the blue yarn and followed the instructions for 11 and 12.  I then rejoined the white yarn and did the instructions for round 12 twice more. I wove in loose ends and voila, a little Lucky Kippah!

I blocked the Kippah over a balloon while the baby was asleep.  This was a gentle blocking, no pins involved!  I will need to wait for Rosh Hashanah to try it on Mr. Lucky boy.

I'm so glad that I had the balloon.  If I had tried to block this flat than it never would have fit on my little boy's blond curls.  

I finished the crocheted Kippah just in time for Erev Rosh Hashanah.  Shanah tovah!

Shanah Tovah!