Thursday, January 8, 2015

Sewn Mini Robot Doll

I am 5.5 years old than my brother.  When he was born, my mother got me a kit to sew him a little doll.  I remember that the doll instructions were printed on the fabric, I just had to cut and stitch the two pieces together and BOOM and tiny little doll.  Later when I was in 6th grade, I made a stuffed bear that required more cutting and sewing (dozens of pieces including each limb, ears, overalls etc.)   

When I discovered the custom fabric printing website Spoonflower, I wondered if I would be able to find any doll collections.   I found a little robot doll that I would be able to make by just ordering a swatch (8x8") of fabric and some scraps that I had left over from my no sew pillows.  

I pinned the fabrics together before I started cutting, I wanted to make sure that I would have enough for the back fabric and I didn't want things to shift as I cut.  

As I'm stitching, with project runway on in the background, I'm trying to remember the last time I sewed something.  I've sewn zippers into knit items, but was there anything that I've sewed that was a sewing project since high school?  

I tried to follow the outline of the robot with the curves and hard corners as best as I could.  I was doing a back stitch, maybe a running stitch would have been better?  (I think these are the right names for what I was doing.  One of these days I should really look up some sewing terminology rather than guessing!)  

With my teddy bear, I remember that I stuffed the instructions into the head of my bear to be the "brain."  I don't think robots have brains, but they do have circuits and instructions.  So I stuffed the "code" into Lucky's robot.  

I cut up the instructions to help the information flow through this little hard and soft body better.  

I'm not worried about the symmetry of my stitching.  The goal of this project is to sew something fun for my little boy.  I doubt he'd notice if the head isn't symmetrical! 

At the end, I closed up the little hole at the feet and this little robot was ready for my little boy before he was even up from his afternoon nap.  

Maybe one of these days I'll find some of my old sewing projects to show you.  I know that there is a quilted pillow, a patchwork quilt and the stuffed bear that I mentioned above.  For now, I'll just show you a bunch of pictures of Lucky with his newest toy. (I probably could have selected just one or two photos, but we were having so much fun playing!)  

I wanted to try to get him to hold the robot so I could see it, but he was interested in showing his new little friend some loving.

I just realized that Lucky is wearing a "Mommy's Little Monster" outfit for this shoot.  Am I making a little Dr. Frankenstein?  

The Dr. didn't want me to pose Mr. Robot.  "Mom, he has things to do!"

Hey, I did a sewing project that actually involved needles and thread!  Don't worry, I'll be heading back to my Liquid Stitch Adhesive for some other awesome projects!