Friday, October 29, 2010

Knit a thon update!

I'm done with the second afghan for the 2010 Pine Street Knit-a-thon! The placement is much more random than in the first blanket I finished this year. I started with 17 squares that were knit with one strand of Lion Brand Romance yarn and the second strand random worsted weight yarn. Each square in this blanket has a unique combination of two colors. There are no repeats!

The squares that have one strand of Lion Brand Romance.

The squares all laid out. No 2 colors are connected side to side (diagonal was okay)

When sewing up the blanket, I first sew the diagonal, so I can get each square at least connected to the blanket by a corner.


I'm really happy that I reached my goal of 70 squares and 2 complete blankets!

Blanket #2!