Wednesday, October 20, 2010

One More Skein: 30 Quick Projects to Knit

One More Skein: 30 Quick Projects to Knit by Leigh Radford

"Do you need a reason to buy just one of two skeins of a new, irresistible yarn?" This is the reason I come back to these books. I have reviewed a number of "one skein" books since starting this blog. Let's see how this one measures up! All patterns in this book are made with one or two skeins of yarn.

This is one of the first books in a long time where I do not see standard knitting instructions. Therefore, don't pick up this book if you don't know how to cast on! The appendix contains instructions for specialized techniques (Icord, felting etc), but there are not diagrams to help out, so don't plan on using this as a reference. (Note: This isn't a complaint; I have no problem with there being no knitting instructions. I would much rather some of these pattern books to fill up their pages with patterns than instructions on how to knit.) There are four main pattern sections to this patterns, making it easy right off the bat to get a sense of what you could make out of this book.

The Patterns:
  • Put It On: Fingerless Gloves, Top-Down Earflap Hat, Linen Cap, Felted Cuff, Rosette Stitch Cowl, Horizontal Rib Scarf, Circle and Stripe Scarf and Cravat, Jewelry Trio
  • Dress Up Baby: Baby's Britches, Nash's Garter-Stitch Baby Sweater, Sadie's Capelet, Drawstring Hemp Shorts, Karen's Mohair Kimono, Baby Legwarmers.
  • Take It With You: Mini Gift Bags, Summer Satchel, Wickerwork Accessory Bag, Felted Bag, Silk Gelato Clutch, Connected Squares Felted Handbag
  • Make Your House a Home: Bastille's Ball (cat ball), Hot Water Bottle Cover, Heated Lavender Pillow, Pencil Sketch Washcloths and Mitt, Albers Stash Blanket, Basic Pillows, Pleated Vase Sleeve, Petite Vessels (small felted bowls), Mikus Linen Placemats, Serving Tray.
Many of the patterns are quite simple. The Linen Cap stuck out to me because I enjoyed the eyelet hem with a ribbon woven through on an otherwise simple design. The Jewelry Trio consists mostly of Icord or garter stitch items with metal rings put through it, this one did not stick out to me for a good reason! The effect is crafty rather than elegant like some pieces I've seen knit out of wire. Sadie's Caplet is genius, it essentially a poncho with a hood. What a great way to keep a baby warm when you are on the go! The Silk Gelato Clutch is made with a fabric yarn, and the overall effect is stunning. It's modeled by a woman dressed up and it sure works.

My thoughts on the patterns are mixed. I fluctuate between intrigued and bored by the patterns. Some I just like the overall idea of a design element, not the pattern itself. Do yourself a favor and borrow this from your local library... it is certainly a good source of inspiration!