Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Orange you glad you didn't say banana?

Here is the second bag I've created from the Elegant Edibles kit; the Orange Slice Purse. I used size 5 double pointed needles. The purse is made out of less than a ball of each wool of the andes Orange, Cloud and Daffodil.

Bottom of the orange bag.

I was surprised that I used less than one ball of orange when two were provided in the kit.

The remaining orange yarn. A lot is left!

Some thoughts about the chart: There are some really long floats in places. There is never a row that has yellow, orange AND white. Often rows with yellow and white alternate, which means that you have to carry a strand back or else break the yarn in the middle.

I blocked the slices before sewing in the zipper. I wanted to maintain the best shape possible.

Installation of the zipper was easier than in the pea pod purse, since there was a side that remained open during this process. I sewed up the non-zippered side after the zipper was completely installed. The zipper was a bit too long for the bag (This is likely why I ended up with extra yarn), but extra length was easily hidden inside bag. I didn't want to have the zipper wrapping around the size at all, since that would disrupt the overall shape.

Zipper is a bit too long, but I don't care enough to redo the slice.

For the installation of the zipper, I sewed the zipper on really tight around where you see the bow in the above picture.

My sewing techniques have not really improved, but I can promise that the zipper is sturdily attached to the bag!

This bag is cute and whimsical. I hope that it brings more smiles and laughter to people than the old knock knock joke!