Sunday, December 5, 2010

Search for Octopus Knitting Patterns

This is inspired by the 2008 Socktopus pattern. I think that these creatures look really cute when knit. Here is my search for Octopus knitting patterns, and octopus-like creatures (i.e. you may find some squid).

  • Socktopus - A great stashbuster, the extra long legs (with different "socks") makes it a fun toy to place on your head or to just hang around.
  • Octopus - Stuffed head, the legs are a bit curly. I like button eyes low on the head, makes it seem less cartoonish. You will need to create a free Ravelry account to view this pattern.
  • Octopus Dishcloth - Although this isn't a stuffed toy, this is a two dimensional chart that you can use for other items besides dishcloths. Unfortunately, the pattern is written out in words, but the photo has enough detail that it would be easy to convert it to a graphical chart.
  • Aristotle the Octopus - This is a two needle pattern, so there is no need for double pointed needles. The legs are flat, not stick straight or super curly as some of the other patterns. It has a garter stitch head.
  • "Henry" the Octopus - This stuffed creature is larger than some others. The head is cylindrical shaped, and the legs are stuffed with some bend in them. You will need to create a free Ravelry account to view this pattern.
  • Knit Octopus Bath Mitt - This creature could also function as a puppet. Or you could stuff the head and have it just be a toy. Cute curly arms.
  • Squiggly Octopus - Round head, small button eyes. Icord legs. It is very simple, and super adorable.
  • Ollie the Octopus - This creature has a mushroom shaped head. The arms are knit and stuffed, so they are stiffer and curled up.
  • George - This is the first felted octopus that I've found. The head is small in proportion to the legs, which have some stuffing in them.
  • Le Octopus! - This creature was knit in red, so it is reminiscent of Elmo from Sesame Street. Short, stuffed, stubby legs.
  • Jolly Octopus - Shown with a hat and scarf. The legs are short in proportion to the body. Cute and looks like a fast knit. There is a female one that has braided pigtails!
  • Orla the Octopus - The sample was knit with variegated yarn. Flat bottom, mushroom shaped head, spiral Icord eyes (or so it appears). The legs are straight, and stick straight out from the body. You will need to create a free Ravelry account to view this pattern.
  • Phat Pacific Octopus - The octopus pictures in the knitting pattern was created with a 20 yard sample of yarn. This should indicate that it is fairly small, and has a very simple shape with short legs.
  • Little Octopus - There are colored stripes on the straight legs. A round head with a smile on his/her face.
  • Octopursy - Make a backpack that is a shoulder bag! The 8 legs are split in half to form the straps.
  • Rastapus - Octopus with attitude - Complete with dreadlocks. Straight legs, fairly round head.
  • Tako Maki - This knit octopus forms a toilet paper cover/cozy. This gives the creature a TP shaped head, and the legs are long, thin and floppy.
  • Tentacles! - There are icord dangly legs, and a tiny head. I think it cold be best described by a upside down mushroom (there is a flat lip type thing just before the legs.)
  • Sugi - This knit octopus is one of the more cartoon-like. (see the Ravelry page for a photo.) Short, stuffed stubby legs, a little rounded head and cute eyes. Looks like a fun toy for a young child (if it is constructed in child safe manner, of course.)
  • Pieruvre - So this pattern is written in French... but I am including it in the list because 1) it is free and 2) the shape is different than other ones that I've seen. The legs start in a flat, star like formation, that taper off into thin ends. (More like a starfish).
  • Socktopus - Small round body, thin legs with some bend. The magic is in the offset eyes. And the cute pictures of it with a baby.
  • Giant Squid Hat - This hat is HUGE, and would obscure your face, with tentacles hanging down past your shoulders.
  • Poor Mojo's Squid Hat - Arrow shaped head, there are only two long tentacles hanging down on either side of the head. There are some tiny ones like fringe around the brim.
  • Naughty Squiddy - Mushroom shaped head, tentacles that hang straight down. The size is appropriate to sit on top of a beer bottle.
  • Shoney the Squid - This is a realistic looking stuffed animal. The two longer tentacles are in good proportion to the smaller ones. The level of detail is very nice.
  • Squiddy Squid Pattern - This was knit with a variegated yarn. The head is a bit pointy, with thick legs.
  • Cosy Squid - Cover your Ipod with this cute little cozy. You will need to create a free Ravelry account to view this pattern.
  • Nautie - Complete with a curled shell. The detail is fantastic (well, the patterns in Knitty usually are!)
  • Squiddy Cat - This is one of the simplest, and less elegant creatures that I've found. It is in garter stitch, and there is a low level of detail. However, it is intended to be a cat toy, and for that purpose you don't really WANT a lot of detail.
  • SquidPod Ipod Cozy - VERY cute. See the ravelry page for a photo.
  • Squid Shaped Phone Case - The buttons to hold the phone in the case double as the eyes. :)
  • Squiddy - The looks like it has ears? There head is egg shaped, and since those fins (I'm not sure the correct term) are a contrasting color, they make me thing of mouse ears.
  • Octopus Garden - Turnip like head, with a loop on top for hanging. Flopping straight legs.
  • Octopus Redux - This is a slight variation of Octopus Garden.
  • Tentacular - This scarf looks like a tentacle, with cylindrical things to look like suckers. It is cuter than it sounds from my description.
  • Cthulhu Penguin - So this is a fictional octopus-like creature eating a penguin? I don't really get it... but it fits in this list!

I am very happy with the cephalopods that I have found. I hope you are just as happy!