Sunday, May 22, 2011

Knitting with Wire

Knitting with Wire by Nancie M. Wiseman

I have always been intrigued by projects that utilize something other than yarn. I have seen a pearl bracelet pattern that I find particularly beautiful. Imagine my surprise, when sitting on the window ledge in the library looking at the knitting section, I come across an entire book about knitting with wire!

So the first content chapter (Tools for Working with Wire) made me realize how little I know. What on earth is Viking Knitting? Looking at the tools for Viking knitting, I have no idea how an Allen wrench and drawplate will help you out, but I anticipate it having something to do with knitting without knitting needles.

There are instructions on how to make findings, discussions on the different types of wire... things analogous to what you would expect at the beginning of any knitting book.

Are you ready to know about Viking Knitting? Here we go: The technique originated from Scandinavia, where vikings used the technique to make wire chains. They used the technique to make jewelry and wool clothing. "The finished product has a similar look to knitted I-cord or the tubes of knitting produced by spool knitting. The one main difference in the appearance of Viking knitting versus regular knitting is that the stitches are twisted as though you had knit into the back of a stitch." The effect does remind me of a chain necklace. The effect with wire is super elegant.

The book has great ideas for projects, and has clear instructions with pictures. I have a feeling I would have some trouble with wire, as it is less forgiving than wool or cotton! This is something I would consider trying someday, and I would add this book to my personal library.

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