Friday, May 20, 2011

A peek inside my design notebook

I keep a notebook where I record all of my knitting design ideas, inspiration for projects and where I start planning out the designs. I thought it would be fun to share some of my "sketches" (I'm not a good drawer!) with you. Of course, the pages I'm sharing are for designs that I've already published, I wouldn't want to be giving away any trade secrets!

Jacob's Paw Socks

Frequently the design page starts out with just the title or overall concept of the pattern. Then I start with some sketches (often they look nothing like the final product.) When i start writing the actual pattern, I either take notes in the sketch book, or I will make notes directly into a post through blogger. The cute thing about this pattern is that I made an actual trace of the dog's paw in my notebook!

Goldfish Knitting Pattern

I often find myself inspired by shapes, and wondering how I can take something and turn it into something recognizable. Some projects (especially ones this simple) require less notation.

Squidoo Squid Knitting Pattern

Frequently as I am designing anything, and especially the 3D toys, I find the design concept changing as I proceed. I initially thought that I would have the 4 legs of the squid be in a row, rather than in the circle they ended up as.

I hope you enjoyed a peak into my design notebook. I have about a dozen other projects at various stages of design, so hopefully I'll be able to give you more peaks in the future!

Beginning stages of the Fenway Mitts Design

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