Saturday, June 25, 2011

Garters for my Bridesmaids!

I scheduled this post, appropriately, to appear on my wedding day. At this moment, my ceremony is starting! I knit a garter for myself, and the project was enjoyable enough to create 5 more. I wanted to give my friends something special so that, if they choose, they can use it on their own wedding day.

I wanted to take into account the favorite colors of each maid. Do I expect them to wear these at their own wedding? No. But they certainly have the option to!

Getting the lengths right took some finesse, but they should hopefully fit everyone.
  • Garter #1 - 16 repeats
  • Garter #2 - 19 repeats (mine)
  • Garter #3 - 18 repeats
  • Garter #4 - 19 repeats
  • Garter # 5 - 19 repeats
  • Garter #6 - 19 repeats

I used Aunt lydias fine crochet thread (100% mercerized cotton, size 20). After 14 repeats of the lace on the last garter, I used up the first ball of cotton. I would be able to make 5 more with what I have left over! (For the moment, I'm done knitting lace!)

For the last two garters, I had to use a different kind of elastic. This 1/2 inch elastic is not as stretchy as the 3/8 inch version, which makes the garters less ruffled when they are at rest. So don't worry, these are still all approximately the same size - the ones with thicker elastic just LOOK much bigger.

The elastic on the left is significantly less stretchy, resulting in a larger appearing garter.

I hope that the girls will enjoy these garters. In the next few days I'll share work in progress pictures that I had to keep to myself these past few months to keep these garters a surprise!