Saturday, February 25, 2012

ChemKnits Site Redesign - Please Excuse the Mess!

Dear ChemKnits Readers,

One of my resolutions for 2012 was to take time to redesign the ChemKnits blog. I naïvely selected the dark background and light background when I started the blog, not realizing that it can be hard on the eyes.

Please excuse the mess as I work on a new layout and design for this website. None of the posts are going away, but there may be some issues with font color (i.e. pastel text on the new white background.) If you notice areas of the site that did not go through the transition properly, please bring it to my attention through a comment on that post (or this one.)

Thank you all for being such faithful readers of this site!

Rebecca Brown, owner of ChemKnits

P.S. I need to make one final plug for my friends Alan and Caroline as they prepare to run for the Boston Museum of Science Traveling Program. ChemKnits is donating the ad revenue for the month of February to the cause, but I would like to encourage you to sponsor Caroline and Alan, too.